Matangi Community Committee minutes 4-12-2017

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Minutes Matangi Community Committee Meeting

Monday December 4, 2017, Matangi Hall, 7.30 p.m.

Present: Rob McGuire, Glenn Otton, Catherine Lang, David Taylor (chair), Susan McHugh ( Tamahere Lions), Dan McDaid, Christine Miller, Phil Bertrand , Kitty Burton

Apologies: Harry Mowbray, Joan Clare, Darren McNae

1. Minutes meeting September 18 2017 taken as read

David – Agreed

2. Matters arising

 Glenn reported that he has received the plans from Harry showing the pipeline from the Dairy Factory toward Hamilton. A copy of the plans is available electronically via the community email account. Harry is happy for it to go to the council staff to assist in their future consideration of sewage options.

Rob confirmed that the issue in Matangi with the current system is the area for soakage. He advised that because of the current and future sewage plant problems Council Waters Manager, Karl Pavlovich, had visited Hamilton City Council to begin discussions on connecting Matangi and Tauwhare to the city system.

Improvements could pose an expense for residents ( $27,000 per property in Pokeno)

Discussion – possible role for the factory pipeline?. Map to be sent to Rob cc Harry. Dan to provide aerial map .

 Future Proof submission made in July. Submission resulted in some change of wording relevant to the District Plan Review.

 District Plan Review. Submissions due January 18. Dan offered to prepare submission


Dan to prepare a submission to the District Plan Review consistent with the Matangi Community Plan of 2013 requesting a village zone for Matangi.

David/Glenn – Agreed

 CCTV camera installation. Glenn advised that the cameras are up and running.

– There are 3 cameras – an extra donated by Terry to ensure registration plate recognition.

– Value in moving the cameras to the intersection in the future.

– Still a question of insurance.

– Footage can be seen on the Four Square monitor when required. The hard drive begins to overwrite once it is full. Securenet is monitoring and will let us know how long it lasts – should be a minimum of 2 weeks.

– Terry has offered to keep the cameras clean and has added a UPS for surge protection.

– Would be good to have Wifi access in future to give remote access for the Police.

– Terry offered to advise on a security deterrent in the Jack Foster Reserve.


Glen authorised to progress this matter with Terry.

Glenn /David – Agreed

– Communication about Tauwhare Road cameras to community. “This area is monitored” signs are a good idea pending confirmation of insurance. Note to go on Matangilink. Glenn to send notes to Kitty for this.

 Footpath Update: Rob advised that the Taplin Road – Good Street footpath will be done in this financial year – i.e. prior to end of June 2018.

Footpath from Matangi Village to Matangi Hall. As requested it should be in the proposed Long Term Plan. We will submit to long Term Plan process in March. David to contact the School Board of Trustees chair Chris Ballantyne, to secure support for a joint submission.

 Little Libraries


Request to WDC for round top Little Library to be placed by the Matangi information sign. Also request provision to place an additional community provided Little Library for children’s books beside it.

Glenn/Catherine – Agreed

 AED an asset to community. Great fundraising initiative supported by many including Tamahere Lions. Excess funding to be distributed.

 Thanks to Matangi Garden Club for offer to donate to support costs of Matangilink.

3. General business

 Rob suggested Kitty contact Gavin Ion at Council regarding CCTV camera insurance as there is now a Counciwide CCTV camera project and our cameras may be covered under that.

 Thanks to Terry, Securenet for all of his efforts in assisting with the CCTV process, installation and ongoing support.

 Southern Links project consultation is underway

 Ultrafast Broadband proposal includes the Matangi area.

 Community funding by council – may be possible to apply for Community Committee administration costs – signage, insurance, flyers, matangilink are current costs that we could get assistance for. Kitty to follow up and apply

 Susan McHugh, Tamahere Lions, advised that their group is available to support projects and events. Willing to be involved in the community. They would like to promote and grow their group. Have helped with the Matangi school gala and the AED project.

Next Meeting Monday 12 March 2018, Matangi Hall, 7.30 p.m.

Meeting closed 9.10 p.m.


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