Speed limit reductions

The second round of speed limit amendments have been adopted by Waikato District Council under guidance from NZ Transport Agency’s Speed Management Guide.

Speed limit signs will be adjusted and the new speed limits will come into force once that is completed, estimated to be late April 2019.

A list of roads with speed limit amendments can be found below.


Bilsthorpe Lane from Matangi Rd to end – 70kmh to 50kmh

Clover Close from Meadowpark Way to end – 80kmh to 50kmh

Dalbeth Place from Matangi Rd to end – 80kmh to 50kmh

Fuchsia Lane from Matangi Rd to end – 70kmh to 50kmh

Llennoc Lane from Taplin Rd to end – 100kmh to 50kmh

Matangi Rd from district boundary to 400m north-west of Bilsthorpe Lane – 80kmh to 60kmh

Meadowpark Way from Taplin Rd to Clover Close – 80kmh to 50kmh

Olsen Close from Dalbeth Place to end – 100kmh to 50kmh

Taplin Rd from Tauwhare Rd to Llennoc Lane – 80kmh to 50kmh

Tauwhare Rd from Woodcock Rd to 600m south of Good St – 100kmh to 80kmh

Webster Rd from Matangi Rd to end – 80kmh to 50kmh

Woodside Rd from 600m north of Matangi Rd to Matangi Rd – 100kmh to 80kmh

Please see the WDC page here for further information:


One thought on “Speed limit reductions

  1. As a cyclist these speed reductions are like ‘music to my ears”, can’t wait for them to happen! 🙂



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