Rob McGuire’s July 2019 Newsletter


Our Annual Plan 2019-20 was recently completed. The June issue of Council’s newsletter, Link, gives a snapshot of What Council Does. I have requested a copy of the full document – contact me if would like to borrow it.

Waikato District Council maintains 1,836km of sealed roads and 241km of footpaths. A lot of contact I have with ratepayers concerns road maintenance and requests for new footpaths and cycle ways. I contact the appropriate department re all maintenance and new infrastructure, but maintaining existing infrastructure is a major part of a very stretched budget and our budget for new works is equally stretched as the district’s rural population continues to grow very rapidly. We also have 600 km of unsealed roads, so Eureka Ward is very fortunate that 99% of the roads in the Ward are sealed. When the Expressway is completed many roads e.g. SH1b between Taupiri and Cambridge, will revert to B (local) roads and will be returned to Council to be maintained.

In Matangi there will be further footpath extensions in the next financial year and continuing into future budgets. The immediate aim is to get the existing footpath extended to Fuchsia Lane The long-term goal is to footpath the entire length of Matangi Road, including down Fuchsia Lane to link up with the swing bridge over to Woodcock Road, Tamahere.

You can now register your dog/s online
control/dog-registrations All dogs are now required by law to be microchipped and registered with their local council from the month that the dog turns three months old, or arrives in New Zealand. Last financial year 14,812 dogs were registered in the Waikato District so a lot of paperwork can be saved if you register online.

To apply online, your pet needs to be microchipped and the microchip number must be included on your application form. To complete the application form you need to have the following details available:
• Dog details
• Previous registration details
• Microchip number
• Desexing certificate.

During the school holidays I was approached by a family in Puketaha who undertook a project with their family to remove rubbish from road reserves in Puketaha. They did a great job and I was able to get them some complimentary rubbish stickers to cover the cost of rubbish removal.

This could be a good project for other community groups but Council’s Waste Minimisation Officer, Pat, had some concerns about safety issues when clearing rubbish from road reserves, particularly on busy main roads. She commented – if a community wish to keep their community litter free and would like support from Council to run a similar initiative, we need to know well ahead of time to ensure that all planned work can be carried out in a safe manner. Giving Council due notice also provides us the opportunity to get traffic management in place if that is appropriate for the area. Sufficient planning ensures we can all have a positive experience. Additionally, some resources to help plan for events like these – great learning resources too.
Pat also asked residents to remember that any glass should be put into your recycling crates and not in the general rubbish. She also gave me some interesting facts on the wider world of waste management. Central government is presently working on or considering:
• Product stewardship for waste and tyres
• Reviewing the waste levy – the $10 per tonne is likely to increase
• A container deposit legislation– remember when you got a refund on your bottles?

I noticed on Council’s website that you can choose to receive your rates invoices by email – go to

you just have to answer a few questions and Council will organise the change.

Contact me any time
Rob McGuire, Councillor Eureka Ward
Ph. 824 3696 / Mob 0274 970 966
Email: / WDC Council free phone – 0800 492 452.

All Rob’s newsletters are available here: from your Local Councillor


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