Sculpture Park news

We are delighted that Spring brings the return of frogs and more native birds to the park.  We think there are at least three pairs of tui nesting.  The herons seem to stay around all year!

Ensuring the Park’s Future

As many of you know, we want the park to be more accessible so must find ways to attract more visitors again so that we can cover the cost of maintenance. To do this we will be open on Sundays from 1st September and in addition we will:

  • Continue to be open by appointment other times (just phone or email)
    • Continue to attract schools and groups
    • Sell  Annual passes again
    • Run special events  such as Delight from 20-29th September
    • Hire out the park for weddings, concerts, fundraisers, Christmas parties, and other celebrations

Annual Passes

We want to make sure the park is well-used in all seasons and that people living nearby can benefit from frequent visits here.  We also want children to reconnect with the outdoors and to help parents and grandparents with a wide range of resources so that every visit here is an adventure.  Some local supporters purchased annual passes in the past.  We hope even more of you are fans of this place.

Cost of the annual pass is three times the entry fee.  The pass enables you to visit 364 days of the year.

Please email if you are interested, so we can send you the details and the form

Any ideas you have to increase visitor numbers and raise the profile of the park are appreciated.

John & Dorothy Wakeling


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