Quiz 1 Answers

  1. Who/ what are the Seven Sisters?

The Seven Sisters are the row of houses of the same design opposite Matangi School that were built for workers coming to work in the “Glaxo” building at the Matangi Factory which opened in 1919. You can read more here: https://matangilink.nz/about/

2. What year was the centenary of Matangi Primary School? 2010

3. What year did the Matangi Hall burn down?    1959

4. What is the date on the wall of the Matangi “Glaxo” Factory?

Matangi Dairy Factory

1885 which is the date the first Factory opened on the site. More information on The matangi Factory can be found here: https://matangilink.nz/matangi-dairy-factory/

5. Potuwha Pa, Briarly House and the Wally Pollock Reserve share a location. Where is that?

Lot 7 and 8 Titoki Estate, Tauwhare Road

6. What was Jack Foster’s occupation? Veterinarian

7. Where is the Allan Turner Bridge? It crosses the gully between Fuschia Lane and Woodcock Road.

8. What was the Covenant of Peace and where is it commemorated? In 1865 Wiremu Tamihana met Brigadier General George J Carey to signify the end to hostilities in the Waikato – a covenant of peace. There is an information board on Bruntwood Road commemorating the location and reason for the meeting. Placed there by Heritage NZ in 1991 it is now rather hard to read and is on the list for refurbishment.

9. What year was St David’s Church opened? 1933

10. What is the name of the home ground of the Matangi Hillcrest Sports Club? Matangi Recreational Reserve


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