Dog Day Out – 21 November -and other good news from the Sculpture Park

Dogs to be on lead at all times please

Latest news from the Park

Art-in-Nature Arboretum Trust

The Trust board has been chosen and the trust deed is almost ready for sign-off.  All going well the charitable trust should be up and running before Christmas.  The Trust will run the park and will collect all the proceeds from entries and events.  It will continue to rely on volunteers including us!  WINTEC will be represented on the board and it is hoped that there will be local authority representation on the board in due course.

Marketing Strategy

The park qualified for government assistance as a tourist destination to develop a marketing strategy.  The aim is to raise the park’s profile again to attract more visitors, at least back up to former numbers. Fortunately New Zealanders are appreciating their own backyard more than ever.  Booking to go places is no longer seen to be a barrier.  The park will soon have an online booking system in operation to make it easier for visitors to come in on the days when the gates can’t be open.

Annual Dog Walk:  Saturday,21st November

Once a year dogs can bring their human companions to the park!  We look forward to them bringing more local people then.

Best wishes

John & Dorothy Wakeling


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