How about a Roundabout to the city?

When Councillor Aksel Bech went looking for some answers to traffic concerns at the junction of Matangi Road, SH26 and Silverdale Road he came across a proposal for NZTA to fund a new configuration that will improve the lives of those heading to Hamilton along Matangi Road.

What do you think?

May be an image of road and text that says 'Silverdale Road Mrrnvll Morrinsville Road Matangi Road Indicative layout of roundabout proposed at the intersection of Morrinsville Road, Silverdale Road and Matangi Road'

The Council Report that explains the options is on pages 297 to 306

We will send all comments received before 9 a.m. on Monday 17 to Hamilton City Council that day.

Aksel’s Facebook post said:

“Hi All -just a further update on the issue of safety (or rather lack of) at the intersection of Morrinsville Road and Matangi Road. It is not an intersection controlled by Waikato District Council so I had to make presentations on behalf of our local community to Hamilton City Council (to their LTP consultation), Waikato Regional Council (to their Regional Transport Plan) and by meeting to NZTA.
I am pleased to say the timing was good; HCC and NZTA are in discussions about the revocation of this piece of road -i.e. NZTA handing it over to HCC to control from here on. What is now proposed is captured below -a significant improvement on what is there now. It was a good opportunity to add our voice to this process.
I have made further representation on improved pedestrian and cyclist across from Matangi to Silverdale roads -but other than that, the proposed design is a really good first step; Cr Sarah Thomson is championing this mode-shift and is doing a really good job for us too. Feel free to contact HCC to support or with further ideas if you wish; HCC notes in their Infrastructure report on 27 April 2021 that there has been very little public engagement from the public to date on this intersection -I suggest any one who feels strongly changes that and make contact with HCC! “

4 thoughts on “How about a Roundabout to the city?

  1. Hi Brian. yes good idea for a low cost, quick partial fix. Tho I don’t think the approach speed from Matangi Rd is a safety issue. Or that Morrinsville Rd traffic will happily slow to 60. The underlying prob is the mix of fast Morr Rd traffic and walking-speed cars trying to weave across it from a dead stop.

    I fear that by tweaking speeds, will tip the ideal option of a roundabout off the table


  2. Perhaps there could be a ‘package deal’. Rationalise the speed limits around that junction.

    Instead of the last 100m of Matangi Road going from 60-80kms. and another 100 or metres of Morrinsville road going towards Hillcrest being 80kms before going to 60kms.

    Why not make Morrinsville Road 60kms from further back towards Morrinsville and make the last bit of Matangi Road 60 kms to the junction?



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