All Welcome – Matangi Community Committee Meeting, Matangi Hall, Tauwhare Road, 7.30 p.m., Tuesday November 23

The  Matangi Community Committee was formed to liaise with council on the 2005 and 2013 Community plans and has continued as a way for Council to contact the community and vice versa.

All meetings are open to all residents. This year the committee has formed a project team with Tamahere Lions for a community project, submitted to the Long Term Plan for further footpaths and a plan for the Jack Foster Reserve and to the Reshape Waikato process. Council provided daffodils were planted with the school students and work with Council to improve village traffic management and road safety is ongoing. Other projects underway include creating a community strategic planning process and consultation on replacement of the cherry trees on Matangi Road.

Minutes of the last meeting can be found here:

Any queries/ agenda items please contact chairperson David Taylor, or Secretary Kitty Burton


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