Proposed closure of SH 1B route at Telephone Road/Holland Road intersection. Drop in session to discuss at Puketaha Hall, Monday June 27, 2.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. or email your views.

Waka Kotahi have provided information on their preferred option to permanently close this route because of the damage to the rail crossing and safety concerns on how the intersection works. The option is also that preferred by Kiwirail.

7 thoughts on “Proposed closure of SH 1B route at Telephone Road/Holland Road intersection. Drop in session to discuss at Puketaha Hall, Monday June 27, 2.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. or email your views.

  1. That is the second crossing on my frequent commutes they have closed. I’m pretty sure this is just because NZTA has been told to reduce road deaths and accidents but not given more funding. So instead of fixing intersections, they are just closing them down.
    The other intersection I used almost every day they closed down has added about 40 minutes to my daily commute.


  2. Surely the decision should wait until at least six months after the opening of the new expressway. The number of vehicles using 1B will reduce and that then will allow time for the effects of the changed load user load to be assessed.


  3. Trucks have been crossing this crossing for years
    One truck ruins it for everyone
    The current detour is far more dangerous for trucks and is in very VERY poor condition. Yes I am a truck driver!


  4. If you expect heavy vehicles to take the expressway and this specific issue has only occurred 3 times, don’t we think that will mitigate and lower the risk significantly enough to open the road back up after July? Obviously the tracks have already been fixed for the trains so the work has been done. Permanent closure seems like a pretty drastic solution and not something we want to see happening here there and everywhere theres “no money” which is always the case. In regards to the accidents, the same thinking goes and there will be much less risk. I actually think this should be paused and the risk should be reassessed once the motorway is open to accurately account for the change in traffic.


  5. Completely agree that this road needs to be reopened! The excuse that trucks are causing damage to the rail track is a poor excuse when trucks are now crossing the same track further down the road on the Holland/Waverly roads – what makes it worse is that tight bend where trucks are having to drive on the opposite side of the road to get around how is that not suppose to damage the track and how dangerous it is for other users. Seddon road is a disgusting mess – I’d hate to think of the damage it’s causing to people’s cars on a daily basis and how dangerous that road has now gotten. The amount of cars now coming down Eureka road is unreal – over the last few weeks since the closing there has been 2 accidents on the Eureka road/State Highway 26 intersection and numerous close calls. It is becoming incredibly unsafe for road users and the public.


  6. I support Beryl Warner. This road closure is absolutely ridiculous. Stop the trucks causing the damage. If the crossing is dangerous fix the crossing and or the intersection.


  7. This road needs to be reopened. Stop trucks using it.. A low hanging bridge could be built to prevent any trucks trying to come down illegally. The value of the peoples homes on and off Telephone road would have dropped. We now using way more fuel trying to get to work and to the shops. What about the environment everyone harps on about? Surely the amount of cars/utes etc now burning up fuel because some numpty can’t think of a solution is inexcusable? How difficult is it coming from marshmeadow Road to cross wairere bridge?? Seddon Road is falling apart, and the new ruakura Road is a constant construction site. More ppl are living out this way, and yet we are having fewer options to drive on to get to work. It’s a bloody disgrace and ppl that made this stupid decision should be given a horse and cart and told to get to their own work place with that and not a car!



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