Council Proposals looking for feedback by 27 March and 16 April

Follow the links below to find all the relevant documents and the submission forms:

Proposed Traffic Bylaw 2023

Consultation is open from 27 February to 27 March. Have your say!

The changes in the proposed bylaw include the:

  • addition of a Light Motor Vehicle Prohibition clause (to help reduce nuisance driving);
  • addition of a new ‘turning restrictions’ clause;
  • removal of stock movement clauses (as they are covered by other bylaws);
  • inclusion of ‘damage to roads’ and a ‘damage to signs’ clauses.

Proposed Public Places Bylaw 2023 Consultation is open from 27 February to 27 March. Have your say on how we use or public spaces proposed changes in the bylaw are:

  • Updating the current provisions which cover electoral signage to cover all types of signage (Clause 20);
  • Implementing a district wide approach to the riding of wheeled recreational devices (like skateboards and scooters) on footpaths in specified sections of town centres (clause 11);
  • Implementing district wide restrictions for riding of horses on footpaths in town centres (Clause 8);
  • Removal of clauses that are covered in the Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2015 (clause 23 of the Public Places Bylaw 2016).

Proposed Cemeteries Bylaw 2023 Submissions close 16 April 2023. The most significant proposed changes following early engagement are:

  • to allow dogs on-lead in cemeteries,
  • to allow for natural burial areas in cemeteries and;
  • removing the clause that prohibited the back filling of graves by loved ones.


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