Matangi Poppy Display

Matangi ANZAC Poppy Tree Installation April 10 – 11, 2017

The tree looks amazing. Thanks to all our enthusiastic helpers our display is up! Please visit and add your own poppies if you want to.  Special thanks to Chris Corfe, owner of Marc Doyle Treework.

An article about how these tree displays came about can be found here ANZAC Poppy Tree project

A special thanks from WDC is below:




Note From Waikato District Council 1/5/2017

Good morning all you wonderful poppy tree knitters,

The poppy tree Placemaking team would like to thank you, and your team of knitters, for all the work and effort each of you have put into this year’s ANZAC poppy tree project.

We are delighted to let you know 18 trees across nine communities in the Waikato district were completed.

They have all taken on an individual life of their own, and each represent the creative yarn bombing Placemaking theme perfectly.

Can we please ask that you each leave your trees decorated for a least 4 weeks, so others can come for a visit to see your work.

If you have any further photos that you would like to share with us (ANZAC parade photos etc) please forward these to me when you can.

The photos showing the schools, Mayor, individual communities and Councillors, who contributed to the project are being loaded onto our Placemaking link below in the coming days.  Please feel free to share these far and wide.

Please feel free to share any other future Placemaking ideas you may have with us.

Once again we are very proud of this project and all your efforts.



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