Playground Relocation Survey

Please have your say by responding to the survey on the Matangi Link website  regarding the idea to move the playground from Good Street to the Jack Foster Reserve.

Please note that there is a space to make further comment once you have submitted.
Thanks. Kitty



2 thoughts on “Playground Relocation Survey

  1. Hi,
    With the housing development on Taplin road I foresee the Good St playground getting more use than it does currently. It’s also nice to know that children won’t have to cross the busy Tauwhare road to play there, which they would do if it were moved as has been suggested.
    Also there are two very good playgrounds already on the school grounds. The idea of moving a third adjacent to there seems quite pointless.

    Regards Glenn


  2. Hi Kitty I started typing in the ‘other’ space but ran out of room.

    I think we need to know what Good St residents think and how much use the playground gets (although we can’t tell what future use may be). The current playground is safe to get to for children living on the Good St side of Tauwhare Road, and the school playground is next to the Reserve, so that really covers the Reserve. Could we use the money towards a toilet instead? Catherine



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