Ultra Fast Fibre Update – June 2017

Here’s an update from Brendan/Kitty re latest UFF discussions for your information..

“Representatives from Ultra Fast Fibre Co. (http://www.ultrafastfibre.co.nz) briefed us on the changes since the last UFB meeting at the Tamahere Community Centre – seems it was on 15 Dec 2015 from my email trail.

Much has happened since that meeting; the UFB survey was conducted, which showed considerable enthusiasm from potential local customers.

WEL Networks has pulled out but the Ultra Fast Fibre folk have taken over and the government has launched its third phase of UFF roll out with another funding incentive.

The Ultra Fast Fibre folk are keen to develop a business plan for Tamahere and Matangi and bring connection and monthly pricing to a meeting in about 3 months time.

Prices are likely to be more modest than the original proposal with speeds (wait for it) of 1 gigabit/second!

They will need uptake from about a 50% of households to make the business case work.

So wait for notice of a public meeting to hear these plans and come along to find out more.”


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