Introducing our New Community Committee

Introducing members of the Matangi Community Committee : Darren McNae, Catherine Lang, Dan McDaid, Christine Miller, Jen Richardson, Glenn Otton, Phil Bertrand, Joan Clare, Harry Mowbray, David Taylor and Kitty Burton. 

The recent Matangi Community Committee meeting adopted a Charter to confirm the purpose and activities of the committee and appointed a new committee comprised of members continuing in the role plus several new faces including two attending their first ever Community meeting in Matangi ! –  a special welcome to Jen and Phil.

The committee has a role in supporting the community and representing its interests to the Waikato District Council. All meeting times will be notified to the community via MatangiLink and are open to everyone to attend.

Committee information and contact details for committee members can be found here:

Darren McNae email

Catherine Lang email

Dan McDaid

Christine Miller

Jen Richardson

Glenn Otten email

Phil Bertrand

Joan Clare

Harry Mowbray

David Taylor

Kitty Burton email



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