New temporary classrooms arrive at Matangi School as the roll in our wonderful Country school just keeps growing

Matangi School this week welcomed the arrival of two temporary classrooms to cater for recent growth in pupil numbers.

The roll is at it’s highest since 1971, currently at 162.  The previous high was when the roll somewhat unbelievably reached 250 in 1953 – soon after that Ngati Haua school opened which relieved the pressure and the opening of Berkely Intermediate in 1971 also impacted school numbers.

Principal Sharyn Douglas commented:

The temporary classrooms are due to be up and running by the end of this term.  This will give us the much needed space for our expanding school roll. We eagerly await the 2 permanent classrooms, which will be sited along the eastern boundary.  We will be relocating the senior playground to the Reserve side of our field so there is room for the classroom.    We are also upgrading our existing fencing to meet the Ministry safety requirements.

So there is a lot of progress across the school that we have been waiting a long time for.  If you are interested in supporting the school and want to see the items we are planning on developing please check out our website


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