Special thanks for their service to and support of Matangi to Graham Membery, Ian Wallace and Gerry Versteeg

All stepped down from the Community Committee at the meeting on June 19 after many years of commitment and advocacy for the Matangi Community. Graham has been the chairperson since the committee was set up.

As well as liaising with Council, as members of the Community Committee, they have worked through the Community Plan process with Council in 2005 and 2013, raising issues of concern and seeking improvements for the Matangi village and area. They led the development of a future plan for the village, providing a solid base for discussion of what the future could hold. However, the vision of an increased residential area was stymied by the lack of capacity for wastewater disposal.

While many of the issues raised in 2005 still persist as matters of concern, Graham, Ian and Gerry were involved in, and can be pleased with, their work with Council and the St David’s Church community in establishing Jack Foster Reserve. It is now hard to imagine the village without it.

Councillor Rob McGuire thanked them all for the way in which they have worked with Council.

Graham received the Waikato Mayoral award in 2015  See Tamahere Forum article here

Graham, Ian and Gerry continue to serve on the Matangi Drainage Committee and Ian is the Chairperson of the Matangi Hall Committee.


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