Update – Share the Park Campaign

Below is an update from John and Dorothy



It is now over a week since we reached our target with the Boosted funding.  We also had 190 people fill in our survey with really useful results.   From now on, we undertake to keep people informed about progress especially those who have contributed in-kind or financially to the ‘Share the Park’ campaign.

Before the Boosted campaign started we had decided upon the two appropriate contractors to prepare impartial reports on park upkeep and on the health & safety issues.  We have chosen:

  • Accountancy firm BDO Waikato Ltd. to assess the cost of park maintenance
  • Health & Safety Connections Ltd. to assess the safety measures for the park

Each of these is starting their analysis in the next two weeks and their reports will be available by the end of March.

In the meantime we have drafted a job description for the ‘champion’ who will help us seek the long-term funding solution(s).  Several people have been recommended to us.  We hope to announce who has been appointed on our website within a few weeks.   You will also have the opportunity to meet that person when we hold an exhibition opening in May.

Several artists have started working on drawings, paintings and sculptures inspired by the park.  The exhibition will be called ‘The Sculpture Park comes to Town’ and it will be held at the Nancy Caiger Gallery at the Meteor on the corner of Victoria and Bridge Streets, downtown Hamilton.  The opening evening will start at 6pm, Friday 11th May.  We will send out an invitation reminder closer to the time.  Please pencil this date in your diaries in the meantime.   Hope you can come!

Best wishes and thanks so much for your effort in supporting the campaign,

John & Dorothy Wakeling


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