UltraFast Fibre – more info

Key points:

.       Ultrafast Fibre will be starting the build May 2018 and it will take approx. 12 months to complete.

·       They will be progressively releasing pockets of houses as the build progresses, rather than making everything available at the same time. It’s estimated the first properties will become “ready for service” August 2018.

·       By August they will have updated their website address checker (www.ultrafastfibre.co.nz) to include the actual dates each “pocket” will be released and therefore when each property will be able to connect to the network.

·       For those properties with exceptionally long driveways (e.g. 200m+) or Right of Ways residents need to be aware that additional costs may apply. Over the next couple of months Ultrafast Fibre will communicate more detail and work with residents on this issue.

The page to check for updates on progress is here: http://www.ultrafastfibre.co.nz/can-i-get-fibre-tamahere-matangi/#toggle-id-5


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