Agenda Matangi Community Committee Meeting 21.05 2018

Agenda Matangi Community Committee Meeting

Monday May 21, 2018, Matangi Hall, 7.30 p.m.


Apologies: H Mowbray

Meeting Items

1. Minutes meeting March 12, 2018

2. Matters arising

a. Factory pipe plans

b. Funding for Roll of Honour from WDC Heritage fund successful

c. District plan submission

d. LTP submissions

e. Little Libraries – June 11 or 12 – community opening/ celebration??

f. Funding to Community Committees – Application for up to $300

3.  Updates

a. Drainage boundary

b. WDC Representation Review

c. Waste minimisation survey

4. Bus stop option – Glenn

5. Community consultation re off lead time in Jack Foster Reserve.

6. Support for Tamahere Gully walkways – Aksel Bech

7. Finance – No change to bank balance. Will need to invoice Council for Roll of Honour funding

8. General Business

Next meeting


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