Matangi 100 years ago. Was your family here?

On Sunday 11 November at 11 a.m. this year, Armistice Day,  the Roll of Honour for those from the Matangi District who were in the armed forces during World War 1 will be placed in the Matangi Hall.

It is more than a hundred years since locals suggested one be created and it has now been made possible with funds from the Waikato District Council Heritage Fund.

A community dedication and light lunch is planned. It would be good to know of any relatives of those on the Roll of Honour who will  attend and to be able to acknowledge them on the day. Please contact Ian Wallace 8295848 to let him know.

Below is the list of the names that will appear on the Roll of Honour and here: Service Records WW1 Matangi District Roll of Honour. is a list of links to the service records and newspaper references found for each person.

Matangi District Roll of Honour for Service World War 1

Died on service
Ballinger T.E
Brown C.C.
Campbell F.A.
Churches E.G.
De Ville P .
Elliot W.
Libeau E.J.
Libeau A.G.
Medland B.
Phillips T.W.
Ticklepenny A.C.H.
Thompson J.T.
Tyler, S.H.
Allen, G.E.
Allen W.R.
Ballinger F.H.
Barkley R.
Beer E.W.
Bell H.D.
Bowyer S.B.
Burns F.J.
Calleson E.
Cameron W.C.
Coghlan C.A.
Corrigan H.J.
Cranston A.
Devine F.P.
Devine T.A.
Eales B.E.
Ewen L.K.
Ewen S.A.
Graham R.
Gray G.

Hamill S.W.F
Heaslip B.J.
Hinton L.F.
Hinton P.A.
Holloway T.
Kennedy N.L.
King A.B.
McCabe W.J.
McClennan A.
McClennan J.
McClennan W.
McWilliams G.
Marychurch A.
Medland A.
Mitchell R.P.
Mudford H.G.
Mudford J.E.
Murray J.P.T.
Porter W.
Poynter E.

Ranstead R.
Ranstead G.M.
Ranstead T.L.
Ranstead W.
Robinson S.E.
Rowe A.P.H.
Rowe C.R.V.
Rowe F.N.
Smith G.E.
Smith H.
Snow C.H.G.
Taylor J.
Sutherland R.M.
Thomas R.A.
Thomas S.J.
Ward F.E.
Whewell T.J.A.
Wilmot E.L.E.
Wright P.G.

3 thoughts on “Matangi 100 years ago. Was your family here?

  1. Good comment Andrew – every family must have been affected and some of the men listed came from other places to work in the area too. Matangi continued to be a very busy settlement at that time with the railway station and the many farmers bringing their cream by horse and cart to the expanding factory site – work on the new Glaxo building started late in 1917 and it opened in 1919.



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