2 thoughts on “Matangi Hall Rate

  1. MATANGI Hall

    The hall targeted rate has been $24.00 per house since 2012 with approximately 600 houses rated.
    This has now grown to 993 houses. Our concern is the fact that with no more subdivision the number of houses will plateau so therefore our targeted rate will also plateau . It has been difficult to get exact figures for houses from council until recently. There are still houses being built but this rate increase wont flow through for another year.
    The hall rate is collected by council, an administration fee is taken off and the rest passed on to the Hall Committee
    The hall is now 60 years old and refurbishment of the hall has been done slowly over the years and we have tried to maintain a buffer of at least one years rates for emergencies eg roof repairs/renewal.
    This year has seen some major expenditure and as a result a rundown of our reserve. As money becomes available there are still several projects to complete- Tarsealing, road fence , Interior upgrades,painting etc. All the things needed to keep the hall looking good.
    Some councillors are amazed our rate is so low and that it should be $50.00 however we think that is excessive and unnecessary.
    With the Hall maintence up to date we still need to continue upgrades as they are required. I am confident that the new rate, with prudent management, will not need to be increased for the next few years.
    Here is a list of expenditure over the last 10 years

    new tables                                                        15750.00
    Ladies Toilet                                                     23,000.00
    Men’s toilet and entrance way                     27361.11
    Store room                                                        11350.69
    roof repaired                                                      6499.26
    borer treatment                                                 1800.00
    New Kitchen                                                       30063.39
    dish washer pie warmer                                    6167.42
    roof repainted Drains redone                         27055.07
    car park and Septic Tank                                  58041.31
    general maintenance over 10 years              22636.12
    sub Total                                                          $229,724.37
    Still to be done
     quote for fence across the front                   6312.35
    rest of Tar sealing                                          30,000.00 aprox
    Total                                                               $266,036.72.

    Ian Wallace
    Chairman Matangi Hall Committee


  2. We note with interest that the new targeted rate for the Matangi Hall represents an increase of $6.00 p.a. We appreciate that this is a very small amount. Nonetheless, we would be interested to know what proposals for its use the Hall committee is considering in relation to how the targeted rate, whether it remains at $24.00 or is increased to $30.00. Did the submission to Waikato District Council include any details? Has a business case been put? Alternatively, does the committee have a list of potential activities, and their expected costs, which need attention? If the revenue from the old rate is insufficient, as is suggested, how much income will be generated from the proposed new rate in total, and will that be enough for the foreseeable future?



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