What will be the future for St David’s?

At the December meeting of the Matangi Community meeting discussion centred on concern about the future of St David’s church and land as we had been informed that the St Francis Cooperating Parish has requested authority to sell it.

It is important to recognise that a considerable portion of the land owned by the church now sits with and is enjoyed by the community as part of the Jack Foster Reserve. The fenced Church site is bordered by the school and the Reserve so it would be good for it to also continue as a community asset.

The Community committee would like that portion of the land that sits within Jack Foster Reserve to continue to be available to the community as it is and the Matangi School is interested in leasing the church site for school activities including a school library. It was resolved that David Taylor would propose to the Mayor that the Waikato District Council purchase the land and Church.

The letter and meeting minutes are below. We have no advice yet on how this proposal can be progressed but it would be good to hear from residents as to whether they support the proposal and/or have other ideas.

The next Matangi Community Meeting is on Monday February 25 at the Recreation Centre, Matangi School, 7.30 p.m. All Welcome.

The email to Waikato District Council is here

The minutes of the last meeting are here:

A little more history on St David’s church can be found here https://matangilink.nz/st-davids/

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