Sculpture Park News Sep 2019

From John & Dorothy Wakeling

Being consistently open every Sunday is working well with more than 180 visitors enjoying Spring at the park in recent weeks.  It is good to see how many people are renewing their interest in the park and introducing others to it.

Local people will have noticed the pine harvesting along Scotsman Valley Road including the trees coming down in the upper reaches of the park.  The pine harvesting next to us has provided a unique opportunity to harvest our 27-year-old pines, before they become unstable and without destroying the fabric of the arboretum. 

The park is protected as a Permanent Forest Sink, under the government’s Emissions Trading Scheme.  The management of the forest in the agreement recognizes some trees will need to be cut down over time.  Re-planting of a mixed forest will start in the planting season from May 2020. We are committed to planting thousands more trees in the next few years.

We want the park to be more accessible.  Together with our Sunday openings and special events, the option to subscribe for access to the park is taking off.  The annual passes provide for pass-holders to come into the park from dawn to dusk 364 days of the year. 

Sculpture Park

Regards John & Dorothy

One thought on “Sculpture Park News Sep 2019

  1. Is that “the” John Wakeling of Alex Volgger tree care fame? Have been in touch with Manfred lately and he’s lost contact with you. He’s planning to come visit me in Brittany soon!!!!!



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