Rob McGuire’s September 2019 Newsletter


Reminder that The Sculpture Park, Waitakaruru, in Scotsman Valley Road are celebrating spring by being open every day from Friday 20th September to Sunday 29th September: 10am – 5pm daily. The park will then continue to open every Sunday 10am – 5pm and you now have the option to pay an annual subscription. Check out their website to learn more about the Park John and Dorothy the owners commented in their latest update – that together with our Sunday openings and special events, the option to subscribe for access to the park is taking off. The annual passes provide for pass-holders to come into the park from dawn to dusk 364 days of the year. Email for a form to

********** If you belong to a community group or sporting club who are fundraising for a capital project or event Council may be able to assist. We have a number of funding streams available that may suit your project. Get in touch with me with details of your project and I can direct you to the appropriate person in Council who can help with information. **********

The Proposed 2019 Amendments to the Waikato District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 document was included in the agenda of last week’s Policy & Regulatory Committee. We’re proposing to change the speeds on over 200 roads in the Waikato District, and, while the main focus this year will be in the Newcastle Ward, Tuakau and Raglan, minor changes in other areas of the district are also proposed. A review of the most highrisk routes within the district and the urban extents of local settlements has been undertaken by Council.

The ring-fencing of local settlements and the provision of a hierarchy of speed limits within country living zones has occurred as a result of requests from affected communities. Rural residential areas are focussed with 80km/h speeds limits where either development levels or road conditions mean that a lower than open road speed is desirable.

We are seeking your feedback on the roads proposed to change within this document only. You can read the entire document on

The proposed amendments for Matangi are:

Waikato District Council is making progress with the Proposed District Plan, with hearings for Stage 1 due to start later this month. From Council’s website – Further submissions closed on 16 July and the next step in the process are the hearings, which start on 30 September 2019 with the first week occupied by opening submissions, legal submissions and an overview of key submissions.

Hearings give submitters an opportunity to voice their submission to the independent hearing panel, present supporting evidence and respond to any questions. All the latest information, including details around the hearing process and timelines, can be found on Council’s website at The hearings panel will not make a decision until they have heard from all submitters who wish to be heard. They will also consider evidence including the recommendations from Council staff. Hearings are open to the public but only submitters who indicated that they wish to be heard can speak. It is up to the Hearings Panel to run the hearing how they wish, but the hearing process must be fair and transparent.

On 31st August the Minister of Tourism announced a commitment from the Responsible Camping Fund of $370,000 to Waikato District Council. Details are still to follow but could assist council to increase servicing of our septic drainage and rubbish collection in popular camping spots, improve communication around freedom camping and how to engage with campers around this and perhaps employ camping ambassadors (using a similar model to Queenstown Lakes) – we will explore partnership opportunities to work collaboratively with local community organisations on the delivery of an ‘camping ambassador’ programme.

We can only use this for operational support and not capital projects. We are also expecting updates in the next few months about how the Government intends to distribute the proceeds of the new International Visitor Levy. Council will discuss the new funding at a workshop next financial year.

Contact me any time – Rob McGuire, Councillor Eureka Ward

Ph. 824 3696 / Mob 0274 970 966


WDC Council free phone – 0800 492 452.

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