Keen to join the Matangi Community Committee?










Great learning opportunity with other enthusiastic locals!

While all meetings of the Matangi Community Committee are open and everyone is welcome to attend and have their say there is a committee that keeps the wheels of regular contact with Council turning. The election of committee members is on a three year cycle following the local body elections. The community committee is supported by the Waikato District Council and all meetings are attended by our Ward Councillor, Rob McGuire. The purpose of the community meetings is to provide a forum to raise issues of relevance to the community and find ways that Council can assist and to hear about Council activities. Meetings are held approximately quarterly – February, May, August and November – with some alteration depending on current situations such as Council submission deadlines. As well as holding regular meetings the committee has submitted to the Waikato Regional Plan, the District Council Long Term Plan, the Proposed District plan and the Blueprint: liaised with Council on a village plan, St David’s, suggested bus bay, footpaths, traffic safety, signs and the Little libraries and applied for funding for local projects.

Current committee members are David Taylor ( Chair), Phil Bertrand, Catherine Lang,   Dan McDaid, Darren McNae, Christine Miller, Harry Mowbray, Glenn Otton and Kitty Burton(Secretary).

The next Matangi Community Meeting is a General Meeting including the election of officers and will be held in the Recreation Centre at Matangi School at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday February 11.

In accordance with our charter this provides four weeks notice of the meeting to the community. . Please note that the Charter states that the General Meeting is to be held in the Matangi Hall however the Hall bookings are such that the meeting will be held at Recreation Centre, Matangi School.

Please contact me or other committee members if you have any questions.

Kitty Burton, 8295906, 0273411906,



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