As I write this, New Zealand is 36 hours to total lockdown. Who would have imagined we would be in this position when we joined our friends and family for the holiday season less than three months ago? My nearly 95-year-old mother-in-law can’t comprehend what is happening – as she said, “there has been nothing like this in my lifetime” and she has lived through a depression, the London Blitz, rationing and blackout of WW2.

Councillors are now working from home. By law, elected members must be physically present in a meeting in order for a quorum to be achieved. When the Government’s Alert Level was raised to 3, moving to 4, a decision was made for most Councillors to work from home. Council therefore met today for the last time for four weeks to establish an Emergency Committee comprising the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and four Committee Chairpersons who will have authority to make urgent decisions if required. The Mayor and CEO will continue to keep Councillors up to date with regular emails and online discussions.

I am still available at any time if you would like to contact me (details below).

Waikato District Council’s essential services will continue – rubbish and recycling collection; there will still be safe water for those on District supplies and key staff for urgent maintenance will be on call. Most of our Council staff are working from home; all our offices, community facilities, playgrounds, libraries, camping grounds and community halls are closed. Delivery of some services will change but Council will continue to keep you updated through our website or on our Facebook page. You can still get assistance from our Customer Services team by calling 0800 492 452.

Some other information to be aware of:

  • • Please do not send anything by post to a Council office. If you need to contact us, please phone or email
  • • Council’s mail delivery service has been cancelled at this stage.
  • • Anything posted to Council over the past few days may not arrive at our offices.

Other news:

The Eureka/Tamahere Heritage Committee has been granted money to put up signage on historical sites in the two Wards. The design work has been put on hold during the current emergency but we look forward to beginning this project later in the year.

Welcome rain arrived yesterday – 60mls over the last week in Puketaha. However please re-member to check online for fire status before you light any fires.

No community committees will be meeting in the foreseeable future, but I hope our local groups, community committees, hall committees, heritage committees etc can continue to communicate via email.

Please take care, stay at home and carefully follow the Governments recommendations so the lockdown can be lifted sooner rather than later.

Contact me any time

Rob McGuire – Councillor Eureka Ward

Ph. 824 3696 / Mob 0274 970 966

Email: /

WDC Council free phone – 0800 492 452.


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