Matangi area – Put your Inorganic Rubbish out on August 2

The week begining August 3 is our week for the Council Inorganic Rubbish Collection. Their website states that items should be put out the day before the week of collection. Please check as to how much and what can and cannot be uplifted.

Yes we can collect

  • Furniture, eg chairs, tables, cabinets
  • Lawnmowers and bikes
  • Carpets
  • Metal items from household renovations, eg corrugated iron, pipes up to two metres long
  • Appliances, eg. washing machines, stoves (excluding fridges and freezers).

Sorry we can’t take

  • e-waste (electronic goods, computers, TVs etc)
  • Any standard bagged rubbish
  • Glass windows and windscreens
  • Garden waste, tree trimmings and soil
  • Commercial and farm waste
  • Bricks and broken concrete
  • Oil, paint and chemicals
  • Fibrolite or asbestos
  • Car bodies or car engines
  • Builder’s waste
  • Household renovation materials, eg timber
  • Batteries and gas cylinders/gas bottles
  • Wire of any description
  • Tyres
  • Fridges and freezers

Have a question?

View our inorganic FAQ’s or free phone 0800492452.


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