Quick Question. Would you Bus it?

From, time to time the suggestion of a bus service from Matangi to Hamilton arises. The value of less cars on the road seems clear so the issue is just how many people would use the service.

If you would like to catch a bus from Matangi to Hamilton on a regular basis please let us know the times and destination that would suit you best by commenting below or emailing matangilink@gmail.com this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Quick Question. Would you Bus it?

  1. Definitely would use a bus. I am a superannuitant and have a gold card. I would catch a bus to New World and venture to Ham East Shops and into CBD. I would also catch a bus to Cambridge and Morrinsville but not so often.


  2. I have 2 older children who would definitely make use of a bus goong into hillcrest, even if it is just to meet friends or going to and from school on thursdays when they start late



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