Out and about in Matangi during lockdown

If you are looking for some new spots to check out on your local walk or ride here are a few of the locations in our area.

  1. The Council Matangi Recreational Reserve at 643 Tauwhare Road is the home of the very active Matangi Sports club and offers a great area for traffic free exercise and has a small playground but the latter should not be used at level 4.

2. Jack Foster Reserve and Matangi Village. The daffodils given by Council and planted by Matangi School students and helpers are offering some spring colour as are the roadside Cherry trees. If you haven’t come to the village yet this week it will probably be the best time to see them, enjoy a stroll in the village and take the chance to catch up with the local history. Matangi Dairy Factory: https://matangilink.nz/matangi-dairy-factory/ Matangi Village: https://matangilink.nz/about/

3. The Allan Turner Bridge at the end of Fuschia Lane is not only a spectacular structure linking our communities but the gully below has an area that is great to explore thanks to all the hard work of volunteers.

4. The Tamahere Reserve at 34 Tauwhare Road is the most outstanding local example of gully restoration work that has been carried out over many years by the Tamahere-Mangaone Restoration Trust led by Leo Koppens

Visitors to the Tamahere Reserve enter on Tauwhare Rd, opposite Woodcock Rd. It is quite a steep access down. Please stick to the paths for personal safety and the health of the plants. It is a hazardous area so please take care and supervise children at all times. https://www.tamahereforum.co.nz/tamahere-reserve/

Bush scene sm

5. Whewells Bush Scientific Reserve is an amazing 11ha kahikatea stand that can be seen at the end of Swallow Lane. Access  to  the  Whewells  Bush  Scientific  Reserve  is  restricted  to  ensure  the protection  of  this  unique  stand  of  kahikatea  that  supports  a  rich  diversity  of  native species  including  the  native  longtailed  bat  and  copper  skink.  

Whewell’s Bush Scientific Reserve. 

6. Potuwha Paa in the Wally Pollock Reserve and Briarly House at 7 & 8 Titoki Estate on Tauwhare Road are the oldest historical sites near Matangi. Potuwha Paa is one of a number that have been identified on the site and are included in the Council proposed district plan. Potuwha Paa is listed as having great signifcance for Nagti Haua. Briarly House was built in the 1870s. The Reserve has a large open area, picnic table and access down to the creek. At the entry to the Titoki Estate take the lane to the right. Please note that Briarly House is a private home so please do not enter the grounds.

One thought on “Out and about in Matangi during lockdown

  1. Thank you very much for providing the interesting info on places in the community of interest to visit during lockdown!



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