Matangi Hall A.G.M. Wednesday November 10, 2021

“The A.G.M. of the Matangi Hall will be on Wednesday the 10th  November 2021, 7.30pm. at the Matangi Hall, 478 Tauwhare Road, Matangi . We would appreciate if all persons interested could  attend the meeting. Signed  Betty Clough, Secretary.”

Matangi Hall

The original Matangi Hall was built in 1904. Said to have “the best dance floor in the Waikato” it was used for church services for several denominations for some years as well as for community club and social events. From 1910 it was the Matangi School for 7 years. It was an important gathering place for the wider district during WW1 and was the local Plunket Room. After major community fundraising it was extended in the 1920s.

Destroyed by fire in 1959 the original hall was replaced by the current Matangi Hall built on the same site and opened on 15 April 1961.

In 1962 the Matangi Public Hall Society was wound up and the assets handed to the Waikato County Council – now Waikato District Council. The hall is managed by a voluntary committee. Income to maintain the property comes from a targeted community District Council rate as well as hall hire fees.


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