Matangi Community end of year update and a chance to win a prize!

As we get to the end of 2022 it is good to notice some of the things that have been done or changed this year – more daffodils planted in the Jack Foster Reserve by Matangi School students, a new, larger, District Council Ward with two Councillors to represent us, the hedge gone and a new fence for Matangi Hall, new cherry trees for Matangi road and a new commemoration for the Covenant for Peace on Bruntwood Road.

Matangi Hall Update

The Annual General Meeting of the Hall committee was held in November. Although an appeal for more committee members was made no prospective members or interested locals attended other than the current committee. Both new Councillors did attend so it was a good opportunity for them to see and hear about the Hall. You can read the minutes here. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact Matangi Hall Committee Chair – Ian Wallace  8295848 The Hall continues to be effectively managed by the current committee. The latest project has been working with the neighbouring landowner to remove the large macrocarpa hedge beside the Hall and replace it with a new timber and colour steel fence – it is great to be able to see the Hall from the village now!

Matangi Community Committee Update

The Community committee elections are held each 3 years following the WDC elections. The General Meeting will be held in the Matangi Hall on Tuesday February 21 at 7.30 p.m. All Welcome.

Please consider joining the committee. While all our meeting are open to everyone to participate it is the ongoing committment to be involved that keeps it going. Change takes longer than most people are comfortable with but progress can be made. At our last meeting we updated the Committee Charter. Here are the minutes from our last meeting.

Matangi continues to be a great community to live in. We know that change is ongoing and the through some new zoning approved in the new District Plan there will continue to be change in our area. It is timely therefore that the Community Committee lead a process to work with the community in developing a new Strategic plan for Matangi. A meeting for the purpose of confirming the process to create the plan will be held in March 2023 – details to be confirmed at the February Meeting. Please look out for the details for the March meeting and come along and participate.

Chance to win a prize

Like all websites we wonder whether and what people choose to read of the items we share. Anyone who comments on this post before the end of 2022 – Matangi topic/comment of your choosing – will go into the draw for a copy of Nectar – the beautiful cookbook created by the Matangi School fundraising committee. Matangi School Cookbook . One entry per person.

6 thoughts on “Matangi Community end of year update and a chance to win a prize!

  1. I enjoy hearing what’s going on ’round the ‘hood, especially since I am working. I do miss reading the articles written by Pippa. It’s great to nurture the younger generation and get them involved too. Thanks.


  2. I do read the posts and appreciate the amount of work done by those involved. I did intend to come to the last meeting but just forgot. I am very involved in voluntary work, my 98 year old mother in law lives with us and I have an increasingly part time job. But this is not good enough I know. Everyone is busy!
    I will try harder to at least attend a meeting.

    Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas to you all.

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  3. Yes I definitely read the Matangi Community publication with attached links. It’s good and enables us to keep up to date with issues within the community, projects and future possibilities. Being able to access the records from meetings is valuable as well.

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