Restricted Fire Season

We are once again in Restricted Fire Season (as at 1/12/2017)

NB The restricted season runs from 1 December 2017 to end of March 2018 (depending on weather conditions)

Further information relating to the current fire season, safety and responsibility can be found at the Waikato District Council Site on Rural Fires – here:


Restricted fire season – during the restricted fire season, a fire permit is required to light any fire in the open air.

Exemptions are:


Traditional cooking fires


Outdoor gas heaters

This restriction requires anyone lighting an open air fire rural or urban to obtain a Fire Permit from Council before commencing.  This sometimes requires an inspection of the site before a permit can be issued therefore the application must be lodged five working days prior to the fire being lit. (NB Permits not issued between 20 Dec and 8 Jan)               – Source WDC Website

Please see WDC site here for more details and some good advice in this regard ………….


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