Bridge at the End of Matangi Road

Below is some information we have received from Waikato District Alliance after making enquiries, as I know quite a few of us have been wondering what work is being undertaken there….


The Waikato District Alliance is completing the work on the bridge.  I can confirm that a drainage structure has failed on the State Highway 26 side of the bridge resulting in damage to a retaining wall and its associated anchor points. This retaining wall forms part of the wider bridge structure so is critical to the integrity of the bridge.

We are currently in the process of testing the anchor points to ensure that they are still safe and effective.

 Once the anchor points have been tested we will be able to begin the repair on the retaining structure.

 Testing is expected to be finalised and completed by the end of this week, following that the repair to the retaining wall can be undertaken, this may take a further two weeks to complete.



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