A big WDC Consultation Month begins – feedback due by May 7.

On April 7 Council opened consultation on a number of matters that will directly impact residents. Feedback on each of the following is due on May 7.

The Long Term Plan consultation requests feedback on specific issues such as General rate increases, pensioner housing and the Inorganic Rubbish Collection ( our next collection is the week beginning 23 May – will it be the last?) but is also a chance to raise other matters for Council’s attention. Local meetings will be scheduled for the opportunity to discuss proposals with Council representatives and staff.

Consultation document: https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/hdp.au.prod.app.waik-shape.files/7916/1775/0098/1503_WaikatoDistrictCouncil_ConsultationDocument_1.26_Compressed.pdf

https://shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/ltp  for feedback information and submission.

Proposed Fees and charges for Council Services which are reviewed every three years and include costs of facility hire, library borrowing, dog registration and many other services provided by Council. Details and feedback : https://shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/proposed-fees-and-charges-2021-2024

Draft Development Contributions Policy 2021 – Council can charge a contribution on new developments to assist in meeting costs of infrastructure required to support such development. The explanation of the need for change and the proposed changes can be read here. https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/hdp.au.prod.app.waik-shape.files/1116/1778/7968/Statement_of_Proposal_-_DCs_2021.pdf Further information and feedback forms are here: https://shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/draft-development-contributions-policy-2021

Also underway…

Reshape Waikato – the process to determine future representation of the community at local and Council level continues. You can keep up to date here: https://shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/reshape-waikato

A good summary of what this is all about was recently posted on the Tamahere Forum: https://www.tamahereforum.co.nz/2021/03/13/chance-to-reshape-waikato/


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