Remembering ANZACs in Matangi 2021

Last year when we were in lockdown the Matangi School fence became the place for ANZAC commemorations to be posted. They are there again this year with the addition of the Poppy net that was created by the Matangi Garden Club and local residents a few years ago and has been installed in the Jack Foster Reserve in previous years. You are welcome to add your contribution to the fence and/or the poppy net.

In 2020 on ANZAC day people went to their front gate with a torch at dawn and will still recall the music on the air from that morning. ANZAC Day is Sunday April 25.

In 2018 a Roll of Honour for Service in World War I by people from this area was added to the Matangi Hall. Records were searched and the list of those who served at that time can now be read.


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