What do you think of these changes to the Council Wards?

Consultation has begun on the proposed changes to the electoral wards for the Waikato District Council. For people in our area the change proposed is to create a Hamilton fringe ward to combine Newcastle and Tamahere wards with some additional communities, including Matangi Village which is currently in the Eureka Ward. Because of the high population of this proposed Ward it would have 3 Council representatives.

Further information and your opportunity to have your say on this and other changes can be found here:https://shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/reshape-waikato?fbclid=IwAR0ilvm0uktS4nAnM8PdU1CHtgC3CoKuM_5XsmEbFST3B1eK8T5UM7sCfwg


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