Water Level 3 for users of Hamilton Water supply

Take all practical steps to reduce your water usage

  • Switch off irrigation systems and prioritise watering fruit and vegetables only.
  • Use a trigger on your hose to direct water where you need it most. Where practical, use a bucket or watering can.
  • Use a cover on permanent and portable pools to prevent 97% of water evaporating and use appropriate chemicals to keep the water fresh.
  • Do not wash windows, footpaths, driveways, buildings and cars unless safety is an issue. If water is required, use a bucket instead of your hose or water blaster.
  • Shorten your shower. Visit your council reception (Hamilton City, Waipa District & Waitomo District only) & ask for your free shower timer to make this easier.
  • Check out our smart water play ideas to keep your kids cool and your water use low.
  • Collect water from showering, cooking, washing and rain and re-use in your garden.
  • Check out our smart water tips for more ideas on how to be smart with water.

Water Alert Levels 3 & 4 apply to residential and all commercial customers regardless of business.


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