Plan for Jack Foster Reserve?

The Waikato District Council Parks Department staff are developing a proposal for community consultation on parking in the Jack Foster Reserve with the intention of completing the work in this financial year.

The Matangi Community Committee had submitted to the Long term plan last year asking Council to consider a Reserve Plan for the Jack Foster Reserve that would provide for improved safety for Reserve users, a bus turning bay for the students who take the bus to the Intermediate and High Schools in Hamilton and a request to canvas the community on these issues and additional community facilities.

Having already proposed a community consultation on the Reserve the Matangi Community Committee offered to submit some ideas to the Council Parking project when they became aware of it. The ideas were submitted as some points to consider, not a solution, as the purpose, scope and investment intended by the Council were unknown. The expectation was that the Council plan would presented to the community for consultation in February – March.

The Jack Foster Reserve is an attractive open space but over time the Matangi Community Committee has become aware of concerns that arise from that. Uncontrolled vehicle access at all hours is an inherent risk to users, amenities and the surface of the Reserve and can result in some unwelcome activity. The Reserve currently has an important role in allowing for off road access to the school for a number of school parents so ensuring needs can satisfactorily be met within the space available is important.

The Jack Foster Reserve was purchased by Council for the Matangi Community in 2007 . It’s location is perfect in the midst of the residential area and beside the school.

Over the years there have been suggestions raised for the use of the Jack Foster Reserve.  Council had anticipated that the Good Street playground might be relocated to the Reserve but that has not transpired and was not supported by respondents to a Matangilink mini survey. The Council Reserve plan of 2016 refers to a fence for the church boundary as a proposed development.—adopted-8-august-2016.pdf?sfvrsn=38b9bbc9_6

In 2018 it became known that the St Francis Cooperating Parish intended to sell the church property. The Community Committee, with the school, enlisted the support of Council  to put forward a proposal to purchase the property for the community. The parish Council, however, chose to perpetuate the intention of those who donated the land and fundraised for the church in the 1930s by offering the property to the parish of Saint George the Great Martyr, the Bearer of Victory, of the Romanian Orthodox Church of New Zealand. The new owners have brought the property to life with regular services, enhancement to the building and gardens and are welcoming to the community. It is also great to see their retention of the history of St David’s.

Work is underway at the Council on the Jack Foster parking project and we look forward to them discussing their proposal with the Matangi community soon.

Matangi Community Committee

Any queries please call

David 021339632 or Kitty 0273411906 or email

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