Daffodil planting at the Jack Foster Reserve 2022

Matangi School students had their chance to contribute to the community on Friday May 20 when they joined teachers, parents and Matangi Community members in dodging the showers to plant more than 2,000 daffodils provided to the Community Committee by the Waikato District Council place making team. This is the second year for this great collaborative effort.

Many of the community members who helped lead the planting had been very actively involved with school projects during the time that their own children attended Matangi School. The teachers enjoyed hearing about school fun and games two generations earlier over a very welcome morning tea hosted by the school staff. In future the current students will be able to tell their own story of how the daffodils got to be in the Jack Foster Reserve.

For now it’s job well done and we look forward to that welcome splash of colour in spring.


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