Soapbox 5: Pamela Storey, Waikato Regional Council Candidate

In the interests of offering extra information to residents we have also offered candidates for the Waikato Regional Council the chance to participate in our Soapbox posts – in the order they are received Matangilink will publish articles submitted to us from candidates for election to Waikato District Council or the Waikato Regional Council. The Waikato Regional Council Candidate page is here

Pamela Storey – Waikato Regional Council

For the last three years, it has been an absolute privilege to represent
this community at Waikato Regional Council and I’m asking for your vote
to continue in that role..
I put my hand up for Regional Council because, at the heart of it, I
believe in community-led change. I believe that communities are best
placed to not only identify their biggest challenges and opportunities, but
they’re also best placed to come up with solutions that fit.
My vision is for a sustainable long-term future for our rural and regional
communities. I want to be a part of a region that is not just about quick
short-term fixes to today’s problems but is looking ambitiously toward the
future for our region.
I have lived in this constituency for over 20 years.I am a proud dairy
farmer and food producer based in Te Hoe. I bring proven governance
skills to this position, as a former director with Wintec, Primary ITO,
Access Homehealth and, currently, as the Chair of the Rabobank Client
Council for the Upper North Island. I’ve also led significant non-profits in
our region, including HEET, which insulated over 7000 low-income
homes in the Waikato, as well as 10 years as the Chair of Go Eco,
bringing Kaivolution, the first food rescue, to the Waikato region.
Over the last 3 years and in the years ahead, our communities and our
councils, are facing an avalanche of legislative and regulatory reform.
Whether it’s Local Government reform, RMA reform, water reform, the
list goes on and the impact on the way we live and do business will be
significant. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that the voice of our
Waikato communities is heard in Wellington.
As Chair of the Strategy & Policy Committee for the last 3 years, I have
ensured WRC has done exactly that. I have led the council through 122
submission processes, 65 to Central Government proposals, and have
twice represented our region in front of Select Committee. I have
ensured that we communicated clearly and effectively what those central
government proposals would mean for those who live, work and play in
the Waikato.
Now more than ever, we need the right people around these decision-
making tables, be they district or region, because the decisions being

made at those tables are significant. We need people who understand
collaboration, who understand how to unify thinking, who understand
how to represent their communities AND get the best for the region.
I understand what is required to provide positive and constructive
contribution to the Regional Council table.
Through courageous leadership and bold, informed decision-making, we
can address the challenges that lie ahead and leverage off of the
opportunities before us to positively position the Waikato Region, now
and into the future.
I have the understanding, the knowledge and the experience to continue
to deliver as your representative, and I ask for your vote for Regional

Pamela Storey


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