Soapbox 6: Fred Lichtwark, Waikato Regional Council Candidate

In the interests of offering extra information to residents we have also offered candidates for the Waikato Regional Council the chance to participate in our Soapbox posts – in the order they are received Matangilink will publish articles submitted to us from candidates for election to Waikato District Council or the Waikato Regional Council. The Waikato Regional Council Candidate page is here

Fred Lichtwark, Waikato Regional Council Candidate

I manage an award-winning catchment group that’s planted 2.5 million native trees. I’m also a dedicated Waikato Regional Councillor, with a background in farming, fishing and environmental restoration.

I’m committed to getting value for ratepayers by supporting sustainable farming, achieving clean water, and improving biodiversity, carbon capture and green energy solutions.

My experience proves that involving communities can be a win, win; we can reduce rates and enjoy a healthy, resilient environment, while improving our local economy.

In 6 years as your Councillor, I’ve improved Council’s purchasing policy, so rates are now spent locally to optimise community wellbeing. I’ve also enabled Council to use technology to reduce costs and improve consent compliance. 

In the next three years, I’ll keep working for ratepayers:

·      By building resilience in our communities for climate change.

·      By working with communities on their priority issues to enable

    positive change for environmental, economic and social     wellbeing.

My Web site ; – What I do when not doing WRC councillors work

Fred Lichtwark


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