Soapbox 7: Jennie Hayman, Waikato Regional Council Candidate

Jennie Hayman – Waikato Region
Morena Matangi Link readers.

In standing again for Waikato Regional Council (after 3-years away on new plans- prevented because of the virus!), I see a great need for much more working together – particularly amongst elected members – but also between regional and district councils – and with people across the Waikato.
While I live in the northwest part of Waikato, I have been councillor on Waikato District (having come from this role on the former Franklin District Council), and later on Waikato Regional Council – so I’ve had the opportunity to learn about many communities, many issues. The challenges we currently face are daunting – local government is experiencing major upheaval – with more to come, very soon.
Similarly to Noel Smith, I have accreditation as an Independent Hearings Commissioner (for consents and plans under the RMA). But we are going through major changes to the RMA – to be replaced by new legislation (NBA, SPA, CAA – lots of acronyms for the future RM system!).
Professionally, I was a Medical Scientist and worked at Waikato Hospital initially, then in London, later in Auckland. Science is important to me, as I work with evidence-based data, rather than politicking! More recently, archaeology, especially landscape archaeology, has become my focus – looking at how people interact with their environments, adapt and change in response. This, of course, is what we are having to do in response to climate change and adverse weather events.
Matangi’s current (now retiring) WDC councillor, Rob McGuire, has been the rep on the Hauraki Gulf Forum – as I have been in the past – and Rob has kept me up to date on this work. This is an example of working across boundaries to solve complex problems.
Also, I am on the WDC Heritage Forum – which gathers together people from across the district, with the objective of facilitating ideas and projects that acknowledge the important role of heritage in our current era.
During the Auckland Unitary Plan process, I worked with community organisations to develop their responses, writing submissions and presenting evidence on their behalf – that means from the Regional Policy Statement, through to local plans – so combining Regional and District plans.
In essence, my approach is more about collaboration in dealing with the multiple issues, including all those directives that come from above (central government). It is also about trying to enable and support people and communities to develop their own methods to provide locally for a more sustainable future. Times are tough!

Jennie Hayman

In the interests of offering extra information to residents we have also offered candidates for the Waikato Regional Council the chance to participate in our Soapbox posts – in the order they are received Matangilink will publish articles submitted to us from candidates for election to Waikato District Council or the Waikato Regional Council. The Waikato Regional Council Candidate page is here


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